...simple as 1, 2, 3 !

Wedge 10

1 • WEDGE 10
High Speed Reservoir Cart’s unique bin design and dual chain system unloads product faster with less nut damage and plugging than other reservoir carts. The dual chain system removes more dirt and prolongs chain life. Side panels help eliminate spillage and increases load capacity without tree limb interference.


Jack Runner

2 • JACKRunner
The JACKRunner High Speed Shuttle is faster from the reservoir cart to the elevator (up to 30 mph in both directions) than other shuttle systems. Fast entry, faster exit, never crossing berms or irrigation lines. More cab visibility for forward and reverse travel than all other systems. The original, proven, JackRabbit RUNNER!

3 • 30/36 High Speed Elevator
w/ Woodchuck Desticker

The 30/36 dual belt elevator (30” horizontal belt/36” incline belt) allows the operator to control the belt speed for faster unloading, less plugging and minimal spilling. The Woodchuck Desticker removes more sticks at the elevator for cleaner loads than any other type of desticking method.

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