A History of Reliability

Jackrabbit began with a single man's giant dreams. Earl Anderson knew growers needed a better, more efficient harvesting system. He took his notepad and ears to the fields and interviewed grower after grower, searching for an answer to the harvesting dilemna. He listened and founded the first Jackrabbit harvesting system. Over the years new improvements have been made and the systems has evolved into Jackrabbit's innovative design of today.

The Jackrabbit harvest systems saves the grower time and money. Two valuable assets to any business. Yet, Jackrabbit continues to operate on a personal level, interacting with each grower, providing a personal touch with a streamline system.

Jackrabbit has expanded beyond the nut-harvesting equipment to include "Dakota Ag Welding". A marriage of two diverse yet common entities. Dakota manufactures and sells pruning towers as well as laser cutting and shearing to compliment Jackrabbit's equipment and welding shop.

Jackrabbit continues to listen to the growers, always looking for ways to improve the future.


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